My name is Clyde Allen and I’m here to talk about what YOU need to know on the subject of NUTRITION …


     I’m telling you all of the main points of the Whole TRUTH about NUTRITION right here up front in the bulleted section below because I’m not in the business of “selling” information. I believe that access to this kind of information IS and should always be FREE to every human being because it is YOUR God given right to understand how to live a healthy and happy lifestyle without having to pay through the nose for such fundamental knowledge!

So what is the whole TRUTH? Here are the realities:

  • The soils that we grow our crops in have been depleted of nearly all of the trace amounts of vitamins and minerals that are crucial to human health.
  • All “disease” is a direct result of inflammation due to lack of proper nutrition - which comes from trace amounts of vitamins and minerals.
  • Our modern diets, schedules, habits, and environments have made nutritional supplementation a necessity.
  • NOT all ailments are a “disease” but they are still being categorized and labeled as such reguardless - much to the profit of the medical & pharmaceutical industries.
  • Our environment is becoming increasingly polluted with pharmaceutical waste.
  • Simple proper nutrition (along with proper diet, rest and exercise) can remedy and even reverse most so-called “disease” as we know it.
  • Consuming nutrients in liquid form is the most efficient way to nourish your body.
  • When you get PROPER nutrition, you don’t have to eat as much to fill satisfied and that’s a FACT which can facilitate weight control. (Weight Control means that your body naturally goes to its ideal healthy weight over time and stays there, therefore, it’s not JUST about weight loss.)
  • Proper nutrition is not only for nourishing your body. Overall, it also keeps you healthier by keeping you physically & mentally stronger & fit and it can help facilitate a longer life span.
  • This is just a partial list of ailments that proper nutrition can remedy:  diabetes, arthritis, gout, gastro-intestinal disease, acne, etc.